About Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Ashley Munson. Clients, bio and photo.

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I’m Ashley. You can call me Ash. I grew up in Southern California, lived in Las Vegas for awhile, and now I’m in Carlsbad, California. I absolutely love where I live, the people that I get to talk to, and the creative energy all around me. Graphic Design is my passion, Illustration is my love, and Fine Art is how I started out as a creative. My hobbies include seeking out hipster-esque places to eat, talking about the universe, chillin at home with a cup of coffee in hand with my laptop, and chatting with other entrepreneurs about their hopes and dreams. I’m an entrepreneur myself, always excited about new opportunities that come along.

Have a foodie recommendation? Stoked about what you are working on? Chances are I will be too. Tell me more!

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